Founded in 1880, Newburg Chester Church is one of the oldest continuously running churches in central Iowa. According to a 1912 history of Jasper county, the church, “… was formed March 28, 1880. During the winter of 1879-80, Rev. F. H. Magoun, of Gilman, preached at Newburg schoolhouse. Several persons were converted to this faith and hence a church was formed at once.” Contacting the Congregational state offices in Grinnell, the church formed as a member of the Congregational denomination.

 On February 17, 1896, funds were solicited for the building of a church. A.H. Palmer was the main builder of the church, and built it for a cost of $3,000. After it’s completion, it was dedicated on November 22nd of that same year. During this time period, the church would have one or two services every Sunday, and midweek prayer services every week.

 Over the years, the church has developed a long and storied history. In 1911, in order to be able to hold evening services the church installed electric lights at the cost of $80.00. In 1912, a basement was built under the church in order to make room for a kitchen and furnace. In 1918, experienced several difficulties: Evening services had to be halted due to a coal shortage, and the church cancelled Sunday school for three months due to the historic 1918 flu pandemic. During the great Depression, the church was unable to pay for a full-time pastor, and used several pulpit supply preachers.

 In 1956, the first addition of the church was built, adding several classrooms to the building. In 1960, the church gave their approval to a national merger with the Evangelical and Reform denominations, and the church became the Newburg Congregational United Church of Christ. Later that same year, the church entered into a pastor sharing agreement with Chester Congregational UCC to the East. In 1963, the most recent addition was completed, adding several more rooms to the church.

 In 1996, Newburg church united with the Chester church to become Newburg-Chester UCC. In 2004, the church voted to leave the UCC and become a member of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference, and changed the church name to Newburg-Chester CCCC. In January of 2018, the church approved a name change, simply becoming Newburg-Chester Church.